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MAF club


               A separate room for the lovers of popular game “MAFIA’’. The room is equipped with a special table intended for game with chairs, exists all the necessary equipments(special playing cards, tape, masks), there is also a soft sofa for the players out of the game.


Children room

                      Planned for babies, who are always looked after professional baby-sitter. The floor of the room is covered by a special carpet with bright paintings for kids. There is also a TV with DVD in the room for watching animated cartoons. The room also has different kinds of toys and albums for painting.


Rest room

                       The rest room is equipped with special relaxing soft sofas for having a calm rest while playing games such as backgammon, chess, cards and different table games. The room is equipped by TV and dynamics where you can hear a pleasant music.


Entertainment room

                       There is a special hall in the territory of the hotel planned for entertainment of kids. It’s equipped with special playing areas such as labyrinth , little houses, pools with balls, etc. …There are also computer and playing machines for kids and tables for table tennis. And of course your kids will be looked by a very attentive baby-sitter.


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