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Conference hall
                           A special place equipped for conducting conference and seminars. It is made for conferences including from 50 to 70 people. The room is equipped with a professional projector and a screen, also there are 3 separate cabins for simultaneous translation. The room is isolated from the noise. It has its own Water Closet (W.C).


Swimming Pool

                               The hotel has a covered swimming pool. Its size 18*6 meters, depth 150-160sm.The water of the pool is always being filtered by the help of filtering system. There is always a professional lifeguard in the territory of the pool. The pool is equipped by two separate cloakrooms, wardrobes, showers. There are comfortable leather armchairs and chairs in the territory of the pool.


Sport room

                         The sport room is equipped with modern training equipments .If it is necessary the specialist’s help is available. Here you can find different kinds of training equipments, bars, special biking equipment for different muscles, as well massaging balls.


Lounge Bar

                           The lounge bar having original name “A New Russian” is planned only for people having their rest and for guests. It is made in an original and exclusive style. The professional barmen will make cocktails on your own taste, they will also purpose you a wide choice of alcoholic and fresh drinks. A pleasant lounge music is heard in the bar.


Cinema hall

                            The cinema hall is planned for 70 people, it is equipped with a projector with large screen and the sound is 8+1.Big film and recording library (popular films and cartoons, concert programs, also innovation of film rent) can be found there. The cinema hall is equipped with soft special seats with handles for popcorn and fresh drinks.



                            There are two types of saunas in the hotel – Finn and Turkish. Each of them has a separate pool with a water being filtered, shower room, a cloakroom and a leather soft sofa. Saunas are planned for 4 people. It has overalls and other necessary things for saunas. If it is necessity you are given aromas.


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